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waffle house

waffle house isn't anything fancy, but it is simple and sincere. it's just regular folk serving regular folk 24/7, 365, which makes everyone a regular.

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instagram takeover

waffle house doesn't use computers to ring up orders, so they could probably use a young regular’s help on the social media front. 

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house rules

each establishment’s employees get to post up their own house rules at the front door so guests know whose house they've entered. 

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crew cards

guests can get to know their cook and wait staff with baseball trading cards

placed at every table.

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menu translator

the staff talks in code to get food out fast. now guests can feel in-the-know by incorporating the code into their orders.

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loyalty program

loyalty rewarded, members can flash their regular card for free meals and priority seating every now and again.

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regular of the month

to show equal appreciation for customers as employees, the most frequent regular gets a spot on the wall and a limited-time menu feature.

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